Light sculpture

Methacrylate hand engraved, neon
cm 47 x 36 – h35 cm.

The basis of the work is copied from the painting Madonna and Child by Barnaba Agocchiari, said Barnaba from Modena. Above stands a crib of words, music and images to reflect on the themes of family. Below, the word neon family played with artist’s handwriting.
The texts are inspired by: Fabio Bartolomei, We are family; Paola Surano, Nel mio Presepe ; a French recipe Pains d’épices de Noël ; Yary F. theme: Un semplice viaggio; J. S. Bach musical score of melody, Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier ; Eleonora Bellero , El nono Bepo; Gaia Antonietti, The crib made with my family; Laura Ambrosi, being mother for a moment and forever…