Methacrylate hand-engraved, old musical score
Dimension cm 50 x 32 x 20

The conceptual counterparts of constant inlay workings and the clever retrieval of found objects and ready-mades live in the verbal communication pretext. An old music book provides an opportunity to bring to light music notes and turn them into a wave of visual musicality dedicated to those people that live, work, suffers, rejoices with music… and it helps us to dream!
The sculpture has been integrated in the “Home sweet – suite home” installation. The piece proposed by Laura Ambrosi is placed in a real suite inside the new co-working space “Ultraspazio”, creating a setting that evokes the home and family. The methacrylate hand-engraved works interact with some elements of both the house and the artist’s studio furniture.
“Home sweet – suites home: Feel at home anywhere you go” plays with the concept of feeling comfortable, like to to be at home wherever you are, even in the workplace. It symbolically evokes our objects and their emotional ties.
Furthermore, for the duration of the exhibition the artist’s house will enjoy those spaces left empty by the furniture: this is the space needed for reflection during the stages of change, to be led and be carried away by the desire of innovation and evolution.