“Eticità” (2017)

Methacrylate, neon, aluminium

cm. 75 x 60 x 110

The sculpture “Eticità” 2017 comes from the contents reseach of the Ethical Code of CAN (the National Confederation of Craft Trades and Small and Medium Business). The artist involved the organizing committee of the AIFIL National Conference, using their own handwriting. Folds, curves and undulations are distributed on the homogeneous surface, creating evolutions and allowing the observers to softly flow their own tactile feeling. The words fluctuate freely in an interlacement of moral values that should be carried out in the interpersonal relationships. Inscriptions and evocative words become means of expression and the engraved sign is full of suggestions. The emotional writing is emphasized by the expressiveness of the neon together with the fascination of lights, giving a luminescent halo to words and ideas. The bright aura expands from the structure vibrating with energy and the blur of coloured lights becomes a magic that enchants and catches the eye.