“A passeggio con le nuvole” (2017)

Printed on pvc, neon, methacrylate

“I really like a blue sky with clouds,” Raffaele exclaimed.
“What do clouds mean for you?” I asked.
“Freedom and clarity,” he replied. From here the work started…
Outside the empty earth stands out to the horizon, the sky opens where the clouds run. In the shape that the case and the wind give to the clouds man is already intent on recognizing figures: a sailboat, a hand, an elephant… Italo Calvino reminds us how many times we look at the sky, we stop watching the clouds and following their continual change. I also admire the show with the nose up to the blue sky and vague with the imagination to the passage of clouds. I am also attracted by the trails of aeroplanes that form other artificial clouds. Those lines also make me think of traveling, traveling, getting new places to visit and to explore. I think when I’m flying and how, above the clouds, my mind opens up and creative imagination amplifies. The photo, taken by the artist in a winter day in Nice, is superimposed by a poetic phrase made with white cold cathode tube. “The clouds mimic what the wind tells “, casually collected from a post on the internet (iBlulady, Twitter), it is transcribed using the handwriting of the art collector.