“Presenza” (2018)

Neon 4500, transformer F.A.R.T.
cm. 23 x 46 x 10

The lack is easily remembered, but the joy of a presence is more immense! The fact that a person is in the same place or elsewhere, who assists, intervenes and participates, represents the sense of sharing. It is remarkable to think positively in the presence of those who can enrich your good morning with a single caress: a continuous sensation of presence, petals of everyday life. We realize, especially in solitude, as the lack is the strongest presence that you can feel. The white light of the neon, warm and delicate is absolute presence, clear companion even during the wait.
Pedro Salinas in Eterna presencia poetry exalts this concept with firm words:
No importa que no te tenga, no importa que no te vea. … Lo que yo te pido es que la corpórea pasajera ausencia no nos sea olvido, ni fuga, ni falta: sino que me sea posesión total del alma lejana eterna presencia.