“Girogirotondo” (2019)

Oil on methacrylate hand engraving, neon

cm. 40 x 66 x 6

The work deals with the issues of the current situation relating to the raising of walls to stem immigration and therefore relations between people against the barriers on ethnic, social and economic differences. I chose ice cream sticks to play down the problems of the raising of the walls that fall on themselves like a circle of children. The words of the nursery rhyme are threatening “the world falls, the earth falls”. A due reflection, through this rhyme, on the dangers of planetary pollution and climate change.
A blue spiral, a symbol of rebirth, expansion and development, a representation of the energy movement that recalls the flow of events, encourages hope in relationships to break down cultural, socio-political, socio-economic barriers.
A light indicates a meeting path to overcome borders and to find solutions against climatic, political and economic disasters. The cold cathode light is charged with Argon gas and connected to an electronic transformer which, thanks to its small size, finds space in the work as a whole.