“Solo sassi” (2021)

Print on dibond, methacrylate, stone, neon

cm. 30 x 70 x 4

“Stones like words. Ancient voice, witness of time, nature, our land and its morphology, invested by the universal history of humanity. They keep the echo of the streams, the rolling roar of the stones, the bursts in the mouths of the volcanoes. Stone and rock, mountain to return to the origins, to smell the acrid perfume of existence in their form.”
The stones speak … What the stones try to tell is history, which has been traveled, crossed, but more often affected by the universal history of humanity. The stone, the rock, the mountain, have had, since ancient times, a great representative power, symbolizing the entire cosmos.
The stone is a symbol of firmness, salvation, indestructibility. The stones are almost eternal and will be here even when humans are gone, so if we can understand that everything is energy and that energy is not destroyed but is transformed we will be able to recover perhaps, the ancient memory of ancients. facts.
Everything in the world is interconnected.
Words that fly from the stones towards every horizon, and then return to the stones, because everything on this earth is earth in some way transformed, and each crystal is the center of the Universe.
Because a stone does not end where the stone ends.