“CANAVE” (2010)

Methacrylate, neon

Dimensions environment: Various dimensions

Jewels inspirates by the installation

Canavè, 2010, takes the form of a stretch of embroidered dishclothes, engraved by hand and set up as shapely drapes , held by a white neon lighting and bringing out the transparency of the fabric. These clothes are laces that a nowadays Penelope made by hand again and again, ritual gestures of purification as well as a perfect Zen practise. Even if formally delicate, the artworks by Laura Ambrosi do not belong to the gender issue, instead they refer to the innermost sphere of feelings and private thought. It’s a soft and bright drape, to light up dreams, expectations, wishes. Still its’ also made by engravings, that deeply retain history and memory. So, here is a repeated sign that time after time reaffirms the romantic genuineness of a feeling. (Claudio Cravero)