“TELL ME” (2009 – 2011)

Methacrylate, neon
various dimensions

Tell me is a series of sculptures intended as a remark on the contemporary anxieties, signs of a general crisis, including all the pain and the unease of a life that struggles to gain a riper, deeper and more self-aware sense of positiveness. There it becomes possible to restart and finally find the light, searching for intimate answers that only body and heart can give.

“WHY?” – Massacres war terrorism deliquency murders war crimes clashes murders violence sexual abuses pedophilia cruelty segregation revenge scams political games pollution – why? (neon)
“PERHAPS” – Fragile certainties Solid uncertainties Yes…No… I don’t know Why? Because of that! Perhaps!
“TELL ME” – Aggressions deaths crimes murder revenge injustice terrorism massacre sexual violence intolerance segregation delinquency scams – war (neon).
“POSITIVE” – 禅 equilibrio conoscenza Chan Sham Spirituality stabilità reminescences Licht truth I will be I am dikaiosyn stabilità Introspection ottimismo identità Светлина
Interagire comunicare positività thought – φως frei (neon)