“NO SO” (2009)

Polymethylmethacrylate – Installation 8 pieces
cm. 30x30x6

Once more the plexiglass lends its qualities to a project by Laura Ambrosi, a meditation on human relationships and their powerful influence on the deepest emotional grounds. No so is a collection of brave statements by people from all over the world about existential matters, crisis of faith and emotional doubts. It’s a map of the strategies people use to handle with pains and troubles in life, to pass over them and maybe to achieve a wiser, deeper and more consious positiveness in living, yet passing the XX century disease of depression.8 revolving boxes holding 2 hand-carved transparent plexiglass sheets and 1 iridescent and mirroring sheet of radiant. A methacrylate revolving clamp fasten each box 10 cm away from the wall.

NO SO (non so – Laura, Veneto-Italia)
JE NE VEUX PAS MOURIR, MAIS FATIGUEE DE VIVRE (Non voglio morire, ma ho più voglia di vivere – Arlette, Principato di Monaco)
MOONU MA DEEF DARA (non posso fare nulla – Ibrham, Senegal)
NAO CONSIGO SAIR DO SILENCIO (Non sono capace di uscire dal silenzio – Ana, Portugal)
MI SENTO VUOTA (Susi, Italia)
SUNT TRISTA DELUSA DE VIATA ASTA; DIN PACATE (Sono triste e delusa di questa vita, purtroppo – Alina, Romania)
(Sono stanco – Bassam, Siria)
I’M AFRAID, I CAN’T HELP YOU (Alex, Bedford – Great Britain)