Installation 99 pieces – cm. 13 x 18 x 5

Forse un giorno ti scriverò is a formal solution in the opposite direction of the folded sheets seen above, showing on the contrary envelopes and transparent papers in a regular row as waiting for to be covered with thoughts and finally sent by mail. Yet the installation simply represents a possibility: as the title soon explains, “maybe one day I’ll write You…”, that is to say only if the need will be real and urgent. For it’s true that our need for clear communication and good relationships is hampered by something we should identify and investigate first: shyness, feeling of inferiority, self-doubt, extreme sensitivity, fear of being wrong or ridiculous and to be misjudged too. In the words of the psychologist Luigi Mastronardi, the right base of departure stands in ourselves, in our attitude toward self-fulfilment, a positive thinking and a living in armony with the world. Lacking of a good self-esteem, we feel confused, move awkwardly and fail in moving closer to the others. Self-esteem provides us with confidence and pleasure, making our interpersonal relationships more effective, enlarging our insight into own deep needs, as well as into the
others’ ones. Every relationship is a strong means of emotions and emotions are exactly what we live on, the actual heart of our individual experiences. Therefore first of all it comes the self, as the only means of relation with the external world. Afterwards, maybe one day we’ll be brave enough to write. Maybe. (Claudio Cravero)