“MISSING” (2008)

various dimensions

Missing truth
Methacrylate, neon
cm. 60 x 40 x 8

In her recent Missing, memories, needs and defaults are shaped as lists of words in row. Exactly as before the usual shopping, Laura Ambrosi draws up a list with everything she needs to fed her horror vacui, counting everything she lacks of, living being included, though she knows that nothing up there is really available in a common drugstore. So the lists drawn on the transparent plexiglass are meant as notes to herself, signs of a personal alphabet, written to fed an emotional void and free herself from the painful sense of loss. Besides, the plexiglass sheet being folded and some notes covered behind, then it seems that somehow the shortage has been partly made up, not only in favour of the artist, but for each of us. Actually, by means of an extreme simplicity these formally rigorous works come to touch the viewer, because we all adults and children have our own lists of missing ones, a list of requests to be drawn down. (Claudio Cravero)