Installation: “El grembial de Sveno” – lighting sculpture
“Ombra de campanile” – installation
“B as Butterfly, ovvero… Butta la pasta” – jewel

Methacrylate, neon
Dimensions environment

Paratissima 2008, housed in the neighbourhood of San Salvario in Torino, gave me the chance to realize a new artistical intervention. I glimpsed the stock room of grocery in a courtyard, currently property of Cane jewellery. It’s a space in disuse, left behind as nothing is changed… look! Enthusiasm, euphoria, and thousand emotions soon rise up, triggering my memory and bringing me back to my childhood in a little
town, Soave. Now I remeber the grocery of Sveno and Cecilia, my granny Egle’s grocery. I remember my joking father adding to our shopping list the note “and a steeple’s shadow”… And soon after my question: “What’s it? And where to buy?” I start imagining the grocer, when he moved out of the room for the last time, closing the door and leaving the stock behind: an apron hanging from the fridge, a few shopping lists scattered around, some pasta on the shelf. Methacrylate and neon are the matters used for my intervention. “El grembial de Sveno”, is made which follows the outline of the real grocer’s apron, “Ombra de campanile”, made of plexiglass and hand-carved, brings back the shopping lists, though here the sheets are transparent as if dematerialized by time, vanishing, half missing memory. Then, as I’m used to design a jewel in accordance with the subject of the installation, and since I was hosted by a jewellery, surely enough I also shaped a specific jewel. “B as Butterfly, ovvero… Butta la pasta” is dedicated to my beloved dog Benji, but B stands also for Butterfly too: it’s a nice necklace butterflies, like a handful of pasta thrown into the boiling water, and it’s transparent like an invisible memory, always present at you. “…And if we live here and now, then when turning back we could simply collect “suspended times”, stages of experience whose sum makes up what we are in the present.”