“IL PIZZO NON LO PAGO – Costa più di una lavatrice” (2010)

Wood, methacrylate, golden nails, neon

Washboard: cm. 54 x80 x64

Il pizzo non lo pago comes from the accidental recovery of a wooden washboard, an out-dated household tool that has been completely replaced by far modern domestic appliances and now survives only in the memory of its past users. Touching where it’s smoother, the artist keeps wondering how many hands scrubbed the board while washing clothes. The embroidered lace are the tools to explore the wood hunting for the past and its traces, surveying the board surface to blow up every detail, like wood knots, as well as the stratified signs left behind by the hands of past housewives. Finished with golden nails, a white neon and a methacrylate embroidered curtain hand-engraved, the surface of the washboard becomes smooth, glassy and bright, so to let all wishes flow and run over, they themselves crystal clean: finally, there’s no need for lenses or filters but for a genuine soul, since “the heart of the matter is invisible to the eyes”. (C. Cravero)