“UN GESTO PER… ” (2009)

Polymethylmethacrylate, photos

cm. 30x30x6

The two pictures are shown each by each by turning the box, while the back photo throws its reflection on to the wall. Photographic shots of persons caught in different attitudes can reveal crucial aspects of daily coexistence: prejudices, sterotypes, discriminations and, not the least, violence. Thanks to the revolving device that offers us a double view, Un gesto per… let us see what’s hidden behind appearances. In a glimpse we have the so-called complementary opposites, as a proposition always implies its contrary standing to the semantics: the opposites are exactly like head and tail of a coin, the two ones that never see each other, representing at the same time their singular uniqueness and their necessarily belonging to a whole. Like the axis of a flipping coin, the radiant sheet between two pictures represents the point of contact between the opposites, the pressing need for communication and relation among peoples and generations. (C. Cravero)