cm. 20x90x6

Nulla al di fuori di … almost complements the No so installation. If relationships are the driving force behind the world, as Laura Ambrosi states, then all we have to face and conflict with one who’s not me, or better still to meet the little of me inside the other, when each shadow is blurring onto the other.
Paul Watzlawick reminds us that “Even if alone and silent in the middle of nowhere, man is not monadic, nor an isolated planet, and never will be”. One cannot not communicate, says the philosopher, because behavior is communication, because actually every act though unintentional is a real message to the others. Therefore communication is the only mean to develop relationship. Every indivudual is “one, no-one and one-hundred-thousand”, as Pirandello wrote it. Personal identity, including both our image of ourselves and what we think the others may think of us, is the endless result of a developing process of verbal and behavioral communication with other human beings. (C. Cravero)