cm. 80 x 60 x 45

Text: verba volant sed scripta manent – securitatem donant

Half a design study half a research on formal composition, this installation by Laura Ambrosi is a commentary on the new relation between the individual and the domestic space, the figure and the public space. Like in a tridimensional rendering studio of ergonomics, the smooth and soft surfaces take on a subtly seducting and erotic look: the surface responds to streght and strain receiving folds, curves and waves, giving space to the movement, and then making the viewer’s tactile eye stretch gently over all, without edges or roughness to obstruct the look, the use or the thought. Therefore the words really seem to touch down on a loose surface, though the methacrylate has been carved by means of an industrial proceeding. The result vanishes off the usual dichotomy between verba volant and scripta manent, making the writings fly and float, making both voices and signs flow around at the same speed of the thought, free and poetical. (Michele Bramante)