Installation of light sculptures

Methacrylate, neon
cm. 60 x 40 x 30

The set of sculptures VIVRE DIE PRESENT, ORA, NOW! 2012 is about a new thinking on the real pleasure of living one’s daily life, with full awareness and deep throughtout. To live the present means to live every day’s glorious beauty, its mystery and the unexpected magic od tomorrow. It’s not like forgetting the past, that is our history, the child inside us, an integral part of ourselves. I’s not like being discouraged by the future. Living the present, living this very minute, we are living both the past and the future, because the present includes all what’s past and nourishes the seed of what it will come after. It is like a river, where all is flowing from past to future, and nothing stands still. That’s what we learn by Horace, Confucius, Saint Agustine, and many Yogin.
The installation includes three light works made by glazed transparent methacrilate, hand carved and folded. The sheets hold words and sentences in many different languages. As my research was going more and more deep into, I extended my project to friends and acquaintances of a lifetime, who now live in Italy or abroad. They answered to my request with a sentence that I then carved on the transparent sheet imitating their personal handwriting.
Thanks to: Adriana-Brasile, Afrodite-Grecia, Alberto-Italia, Ana-Portogallo, Angelo-Veneto Italia, Arlette-Vietnam Francia, Estel-Colombia, Ganga-Sri Lanka, Nicky-Thailandia, Greta-Italia, Ibrahim-Senegal, Ionica-Romania, Marcel-Olanda, Ki Choi-USA, Lourdes-Philippine, Maria-New Zeland, Marija-Croazia, Maryna-Bielo Russia, Matteo-Italia Tunisia, Phenn-Thailand, Pilar-Spagna, Son Hua-Korea, Stefano-Italia, Yehia-Libano, Widi-Bali