“BLANKET” (2013)

Installation – Sculptures

Methacrylate hand-engraved
Dimensioni mm 1600 x 1200 x 3mm

The installation Blanket (2013) appears again in the direction of the embroidery and the constant reminder of the fabric. It is to all intents and purposes – as the title says – a blanket. But the traditional ones made ​​according to the model by adding elements of patchwork squares. It is a composition of modules methacrylate finely engraved that follows the typical mix of styles of quilts made ​​using this process. Piece by piece, joint after joint, to Ambrosi is a blanket that could go on forever. At the moment it is still a plaid, as domestic services to be used in the middle of winter lying on a couch, but the quilt Laura Ambrosi is not presented resting on a chair. Instead, it is suspended, staged as if levitating
above the floor. This choice exhibition set up, in addition to remember and highlight the subtle embroidered plot of each module, gives the object its being multifunctional. A blanket to cover, to keep warm, a blanket that becomes a magic carpet to travel with the mind, a blanket that looks like a shimmering cloud in the sky. A blanket made ​​of many pieces as there are possible relationships that hold together the I, the you and us. A sort of lining, finally, to contain the universe of emotions with which we are made. The same with which we are nourished, undoing, and we reconstruct. (Claudio Cravero)