“PENELOPE” (2005)

Methacrylate (plexiglas), electroluminescent fibers

cm 60 x 34 x 100

Size: S
An ironic work – a Penelope intent on weaving and unweaving a charming dress, enriched with a luminous, radiant thread. The cheerful, irony-tinged thread sews repeated, interwoven signs to one another and these lead back to the images and moments of the everyday world, to its doubts and to its certainties, its dreams and illusions.
A dress begun but never finished, left unfinished almost as if to savor the intriguing and agreeable game of waiting, filled with expectancy and hopes of new discoveries. Once more the “thread” represents a personal and recognizable poetic, aesthetic language, at the same time metaphor and pretext for a reflection conducted following the weft of daily life: its advances, arrests, choices and changes, the fractures and how they are recomposed, the returns and desertions, the swaying rhythms of time.
A thread that makes it possible to proceed, to go ahead, to stretch towards a new order, to begin from scratch again and a tatter of fabric remains intact to signify the persistence of a fragment of the ego that survives detachment and fracture and makes possible the interweaving and existence of new possibilities.