“AGONI-A LIGHT” (2005)

Methacrylate (plexiglas), neon wire

transparent needles cm 180 ø 3 – 100 ø 2,5
cm 120 x 180 x 100

At the centre of the installation, a needleful of neon wire and huge transparent needles are stuck into a piece of white material.
Needles and threads…, reconnecting not only with my methacrylate (plexiglas) “stitched” garments, but also with everyday life, full of splendid and sometimes sharp and prickly things…
The subject Laura Ambrosi has chosen to focus on is the garment, wildly enlarging the instruments needed to make a piece of clothing (cloth, needle and thread)…In Ambrosi’s case, surreal irony, stretched to amplify the sense of everyday life represented by common objects to the furthest possible limits, annuls any outcoming of daily living and intimacy. Given its dimensions, once placed within the Castle, “Needlefulled Light”, becomes a pure sign on the confines between sculpture and painting, a physical locus emanating energies and tensions, as absurd as a shred of life extrapolated from its context and isolated in a public space, and yet just as rigorous as a fortress’s architectural lines. Using luminous neon wire, Ambrosi weaves her tale, but does so with whimsy, as a hermetic form she does not wish to relate, as the sinuous rhythm that restores a dance step’s pace of the story. (Mario Bertoni)