“BUBBLES” (2005)

Coloured methacrylate (plexiglas) cylinder holding a neon cathode
h. cm 100, diametre 30 cm

Playing with soap bubbles…playing with light
I began to reflect on soap as a material and on how it is utilized. A substance traditionally produced by herbalists, one whose associations are typically feminine and domestic, there is also, however, soap that brings back memories of childhood, of children’s games that with simple means unite water and air to give form to coloured bubbles of different sizes.
I imagined adding a further element to this game: light. Bubbles that symbolically issue from a lamp to carry us back to the bright carefree life of our childhoods and the dreams we used to confide to each bubble that rose into the air.
My inspiration came from a real jar of bubble solution. (Laura Ambrosi)