Video tracks made for the video-installation “La Borsa di Winnie”

Le immagini riguardanti la mia persona sono autoscatti realizzati con macchina digitale e rielaborati a computer.

The images related to my person are self-portraits made with a digital camera and processed on the computer.
Winnie, the dialoguing voice of Samuel Becket’s “Happy Days”, is continually opening and closing her bag and taking out one thing after another, the most common of objects…I therefore reflected on my own bag, its contents, my past, present and future experience. What had I put into it? What do I want to pull out? There are many things I have inside. I think about my life, my persona, my eyes, my glance: traces of my being that scrutinize reality, consisting of passions and dreams. Scrutinizing beams playing over quivering seas… And then the dream, my best-loved dream, the dream of flight…it is time to make it come true: a flight, free flight, in liberty – as my soul wishes to be. And then water, ever my principal element. Then remain empty bags, how long to fill them … I have no hurry! (Laura Ambrosi)