“Rewriting” (2014)

Methacrylate hand-engraved
Dimension in progress

Rewriting is a sculpture work in progress that Laura Ambrosi has developed from a series of writings that capture moments of her life and the lives of other people.
Hand engraved on transparent plates, she transcribed those phrases that were particularly significant to her eyes, identifying the passages written that have the most exciting. In the construction material of this work, the artist decided to express themselves through the words of others, and sharing them at the same time echoing the demands of people known and unknown.
As a collection of letters, the plates overlap one another, fluttering and wrinkled, and the letters and the words seem to play. They play in a dance slight, intense and layered, like wants to be our life.
For the work presented at BLO Ateliers Berlin Laura Ambrosi quoted two poems texts of: Ulrike Draesner and Durs Grünbein.