Methacrylate, neon, aluminium

cm. 40 x 140 x 100

The exhibition “Spiegare Pieghe / Stendere Tende” by Laura Ambrosi, in the Ironing room at the Certosa Reale in Collegno, is marked with the authentic characteristics and site-specific. An ironing board, vector and escape, shows us the way.
A place so full of sedimentation layers and receives the intertwining of traditional and contemporary conceived by the artist.
Insisting on methacrylate and neon light installations, the artist’s aesthetic practice contaminates with intuitive lightness techniques and languages: figuration, decoration, design and sculpture.
In the poetic word, in the pretext verbal of communication and introspection suggested, live counterparts conceptual constant workings of inlay and intelligent retrieval of found objects and ready-mades.
Consistences contradictory, in the balance between concreteness of materials and lightness perception, are enriched with embroidery and reveal, in backlight, intense cleaved lived: the moment of creation and the practice of archaic or intimate gestures.
In a setting a time marked by suffering and hard work, the game creeps in as purifying solution.
The simulated tissues, lace and lace, void of any reference utilitarian, stage, through sinuous neon luminescence, a theater and silent pending a downturn of dancing crystallized. (Ivan Fassio)